Gourmet Balcony, Integrated Balcony – Enjoying the Space


The use of balconies has undergone a major transformation over the years, small apartments: Before, often until little used, it was a resting area, with little tables, chairs and some plants, was also becoming the stage of family reunions, with small grills, soon called “gourmet balconies


The gourmet balconies began to be used like this: Separated from the room, in balconies of medium to large and open, with body guard (Photos: Project Architect Adriana Noya and wedding site)


Then we started to see some closed with glasses (Photos: CasaAbril and CasaeJardim)


(Photos: decorfacil and CasaClaudia)


(Photos: Acervodeinterior and casatreschic) ​​Note: Bamboo mosso needs full sun and a plant should never be placed in a small space for its size so


(Photos: Arquitrecos and Decorfacil)

Sometimes they remain open or separated from the rooms, some of them feature new features, such as home-offices or mini bars and listening to music


(Photos: casatreschic and previous acervode)

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(Photos: decor)

And dining and cafe areas


(Photos: CasaeJardim and Comprandomeuape)

And now they start, with the smaller footage, the balconies are being closed out and incorporated totally into the living room and sometimes into the kitchen to increase the space, smaller and smaller.


(Photos: minhacasaminhacara – Project PietroTerlizzi and Julia Ribeiro – Design doob arquitectura)

Creating Larger Dining / Dining Rooms


(Photos: elmueble and casaabril)

And even having the kitchen functionality transferred to her


(Photos: Project TRIA Architecture and projects habitissimo)

Creative ways to feel more space and make better use of space


(Photos: Luis Gomes – FCK Study Project)

The total integration of the balcony into the internal area is a more complicated project that requires architects / engineers and condominium permission (if applicable).


(Photos: VeryChique)

It is necessary to analyze structure, ventilation, solar illumination, incidence of winds and other characteristics of the property, besides the evaluation if the space gained is worth the investment. With balconies too small evaluate well before spending too much to have a few inches …

projectEstúdio Ela Arquiteturaem in partnership with Carol Dantasappartamento-com-deco-feminina-9

Interesting design of Studio Ela Arquitetura in partnership with Carol Dantas which includes the laundry on the integrated porch


(Photos: Projeto Renato Andrade and Erika Mello and Project Pietro Terlizzi)

And so the houses the environments and the use we give them are changing in time … Is not it interesting?

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