Decorating ideas that do not work


From time to time I speak here of things you see in magazines, websites and shows but they do not work in real life. And I’ve even shown examples that show dangerous or dysfunctional errors. And a series “What NOT to do in your house”. As the subject is vast, let’s go to another post with ideas that may be beautiful, but that either give too much work to maintain, or are uncomfortable, nonfunctional, or even dangerous and that you may end up repeating in the decor of your home without realizing it.


1a. Photograph) Security in children’s rooms is key.. Avoid luminaires that can easily be broken or wired (or cords) that may be misused by children. 2a. Photograph) Avoid accumulating many things, especially those that can break, in dumb servants too close to the bed. During sleep those who are asleep can knock or break objects, if they crash or, at least with a great scare.

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Tvs should not be too close or too far from the sofa. In both cases you will have visual discomfort. In addition, if possible, choose a space where the movement of people between the TV and the sofa is small to avoid interruptions in their viewing.

To know the recommended distances see these 2 posts: Here for older tvs and Here for big 4k tvs and full HD.

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Thin carpets that “curl up” easily should be avoided below the dining table to avoid accidents and irritation. Also avoid placing small furniture one part on the carpet and another part not, mainly with thicker carpets.

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Mirrored furniture are beautiful but using them in places of people circulation can be dangerous. With children, not even thinking.


O place of installation of spots on the ceiling should be well chosen (avoid near “teeth” on the wall, as in the first picture above and prefer, if you wish, to place them on the sides of the tv space and not directly above it). Another question and the direction of the luminous beam: See that in the 1st photo the light of the 3 spots on the right tangents the wall making a beautiful effect – called wall washing. Already in the 2nd. photo, the light is “exploding” on the wall which, to make matters worse, is still reflective. The final effect is not beautiful.


The height of the seats of benches, chairs and stools must be compatible with the height of the bench or table – the distance between the seat and the bench should be about 25/30 cms.

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1a. Photograph) Mute servants must have height compatible with beds – Exactly with bed height or 10 cm above or below is ideal – to be functional and not to cause discomfort. In 2a. photo the beautiful chair is not compatible with the desk: the height of the arms should be equal to or slightly below the bench height so that the arms on the keyboard are bent more or less to 90 degrees. In addition the seat is also slightly lower than it should (25 to 30 cm away from the bench is ideal).


Washing machines trepidam. So you should follow their manual that always asks for a minimum distance on the sides and above. In the second photo, see the distance from the toilet to the wall. It is recommended to be at least 20 to 25cm apart.


2 questions appear in this photo: First of all the ceiling lamp with indirect lighting is very powerful and so the light “explodes” on the ceiling – of course you can have a dimmer to control, but for what? It would be best to have more points of light in the room to brighten up all space. Secondly, the table in the center of the room is totally disproportionate and does not perform its function that would serve as support for those who are sitting on the sofa.


See the photo above the shadow that the ceiling spot projects from the taps. For it is exactly this projection that will happen when you want to make-up (or shave): Your nose and forehead will cast shadow over the rest of your face. Therefore, to add or have only an illumination on the sides of the mirror is important.

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