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Creative Office – 24 Surprising Projects! Creative Office – 24 Surprising Projects!
Having a creative office can greatly influence productivity in the work environment, especially when your role requires freedom of creation and thought! Thinking about... Creative Office – 24 Surprising Projects!

Having a creative office can greatly influence productivity in the work environment, especially when your role requires freedom of creation and thought! Thinking about it, it is important to invest in creative decorating ideas for your office if you want to let go of the loose mind to create, have fun and produce.

Inspire yourself in the images below and let the creativity roll loose while decorating your office!

The creative office is rustic in style and full of life, with many plants, woody tones and rugs that convey a sense of comfort and warmth. The items that stand out are the personalized shelf, the antique lamp and the wicker basket.
A solid wood table with trestles is enough to leave the office with unique style. You can complete the decor with the items of your preference, such as flowers, books, lamps, paintings and murals.
Pallets can be used on wall composing spaces for magazines, books, photographs, flowers and scraps. The vibrant color used in the background gives even more prominence to the wood. The brick wall next to it and the light fixtures bring warmth to the place and the floral stained benches give a delicate touch to the environment.
Here the creativity is due to the hipster style frame that makes the office more relaxed and fun.
The offices that are designed to integrate the teams may have their partitions composed of plants that give lightness and freshness to the place, breaking some of the coolness of the industrial decor. SAYL chairs are also highlighted in the project!
The shades of gray and black and the compact design of the office create a contemporary style, enhanced by the style of decor items, such as tables and lamps. The wood helps to create a climate of warmth and blends perfectly with the environment!
The white color that predominates in the office is broken by the black that makes up some furniture and decoration items.
The clean environment of the office gains charm with the yellow stripe on the wall and the ceiling that makes it together with the chair and the desk. The company’s objective on the wall, the industrial luminaires and the modern design of all the other details make the difference in the first impression!
A vertical garden can make a difference in the work environment.
This is another contemporary office with a combination of prints between walls and floors. The pictures leave the environment stripped and with its own identity.
The rustic wall and the items of the industrial and modern decoration gain lightness with the living walls, even made with artificial plants.
The same project seen from another angle, with emphasis on geometric painting and wood that always brings more charm to the place.
The blackboard wall is always a good idea in integrated environments so that the team registers their ideas immediately, making them visible to all.
You can bet on a luminaire with an amazing, modern style that goes beyond functionality!
Frames, geometric cutouts and a grid mural with light fixtures for photos and scraps may be enough to transform your office into a creative and inspiring environment.
How about adding slate wall stickers to make your office creative and even more functional? You and staff can write scraps, reminders, tickets, and chores. The perforated back chair is another modern and innovative item!
The coolness of the burnt cement wall is broken by the warm tone of the pink frame, which rests on the built-in counter that accompanies the tone of the painting.
The office gains charm and life with geometric shelves filled with colorful books and acrylic chairs.
The industrial decoration is super modern and bold. The office gets even more personality with graffiti and colorful designs on the walls.
In this shared office there is also a touch of industrial decoration and the environment comes alive with plants. The chairs with different and modern design leave the local style even more bold!
Here the creativity is due to attention-grabbing details: pictures with stones and rustic designs, giant scissors hanging from the wall and other accessories that give an air of antiquity to the place. The design of the desk and chair give the touch of modernity to balance the decor.
For those who like bright colors this is the ideal creative office decor, which mixes various shades of pink, green, white and purple black between the chairs, sofa, cushions and rugs.
The community workspace has gained charm with the addition of vivid colors in its modern partitions, which integrate shelves and desks.
Motivational messages in the form of wall stickers may be the missing detail to leave your office creative. Here the word refers to the work team.
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