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Creating corners to work from home


The smaller and smaller apartments, the bigger TV’s and the need to take work home or have a space for leisure with computers or accessories for a hobby or small business and even all this together! It is difficult, therefore, any corner should be well taken advantage of … But where to create this little corner? Anywhere you can, now! Want to see?

office corner

office-corner-2 office-corner-5





office-corner-8And you have to use creativity to keep everything that is needed and keep exposed and easily accessible what is used at all times! Here are some ideas:office-corner-9Photos of websites and blogs: CasaAbril, ApartmentTherapy, ArquitectadoImovel, CasadosOutros, CasaeJardim, DesireToInspire, DesignMilk, Homedit, MyIdealHome, PerfectOrder and See + Design

Have You Seen These?  45 + Home Office Decor Ideas for your Perfect Work at Lovely Home #work

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