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Closets in small rooms Closets in small rooms
And let’s see ideas and some measures so that you can have a closet (or something that looks like one) even in a small... Closets in small rooms

And let’s see ideas and some measures so that you can have a closet (or something that looks like one) even in a small room… See all the below and try to fit the space you have:


(Photo: asarquitetas)

In small rooms it may be possible to create a Hall with clothes on one side and mirror, narrow shelves and hooks on the other. Do not have doors saves space. An make-up counter on the back wall if there is space, and in this case, a special lighting For this, there must exist, besides good lighting for viewing and choosing clothes. THE minimum depth necessary to place the clothes on hangers in the form above (and without doors) it’s from 55 cm


(Photo: apartmenttherapy)

Here the room was divided from the closet by a thin wall. THE curtain is a good solution for save space, reduce dust, facilitate ventilation and lighting of the closet. Another possibility would be to slatted partition (between the rooms or in the place of the curtain).

cj 1350_z_dielle-modus-012

(Photo: casaejardim)

a false closet in an area with windows, which seems to me to have been built under the bed (see in the center, above, the mechanism). An interesting idea for those who have high right foot. little space do not worry about having to lift the bed every time you want to pick up a piece of clothing

closet 2a

(Photos: apartmenttherapy and architecture)

a wardrobe without doors in the first photo. Being in in front of a wall with mirror We can consider a closet, do not we? And on the 2nd. photo, in a wider area, you can put clothes on the two sides (do not forget to have a minimum of 60 cm of free space to move)

homedit glass-divider-wardrobe-for-bedroom1a

(Photo: homedit)

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Solution for long rooms, the closet is behind the bed, separated by a half wall up to bedside height and then a milky glass or acrylic (which is good for ironing brightness to space). In this case you will need to at least a few 1,10 m behind the bed

closet 1

(Photo: revistacasalinda)

Most common solution, with sliding door next to the bed. THE lighting and ventilation are super important when the closet environment is fully enclosed

trestudio 18A

(Photo: trestudio)

In this case an area was used next to the bedroom itself (but this could be done in the bedroom as well. curtain skirting the clothing area it would be interesting) . Whichever solution you choose, watch out for the distribution of things in a way that the most used are the easiest to pick up. THE spotlight lighting is simple and efficient

closet 3

(Photos: decoratrix and habitilissimo)

Another wardrobe closed with curtain. It can be an “almost closet” if you have a made for makeup in this space. And in the photo attached, a closet complete, narrow and also closed by sliding door, next to the bed

CV amento_studio_alencar_narf_21

(Photo: CasaVogue)

Super compact and well lit with plenty of space for clothes, perfect since you do not want to put a dress without folding on the hanger

closet 4

(Photos: revistacasalinda)

Other 2 very small closets that prioritized guarding small parts and shoes. It’s very important that you clearly define what you will save to be able to decide how the space will be divided (hangers, drawers, shelves, hooks, their sizes and heights)


(Photo: decoration)

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A solution that is almost a wardrobe, but see that there is a (tiny) space to “get in”. If the sides beyond the sliding doors do not it is possible to have a “closet” thus using, at least a few 95 cm depth.


(Photo: decorfacil)

Different idea: A wardrobe with a “closet” look under the bed.


(Photo: interiordesignideas)

Lightweight and allows good ventilation between the clothes using wire mesh, one industrial style in the closet.

And to help, goes below a figure that I found, adapted and translated for you, with average measurements of clothes in closets

bricca measures-clothing12a

(Adequacy of figure of the site Bricca)

Attention should also be minimum measures of an enclosed closet:


And now, are you excited to have your closet?