Baby Room Lighting – 4 Tips For You


An important item in your baby’s room is the lighting. Both natural and artificial. It’s important to always remember that this little person was recently in a dark place and did not know the light, right? Here are 4 tips not to miss:

1) Cradle away from the window where the sun hits:

I would say that the crib should always stay away from the window, not only when there is possibility of light in excess, but also due to the current of air. If you’re not good at it, always use curtains to protect your baby.


(photo: thebooandtheboy)

(In this picture the crib is protected from the window, but the breastfeeding armchair is next to the window, so close the window or use the curtain when you are there with the baby). And it’s good to keep the crib somewhat away from the wall)

2) Use luminaires with milky coating:

These bulbs with transparent glass and carbon filament, super trendy now, no matter how weak, have a light intensity on the filament that is not cool for baby rooms. The ideal is to use luminaires with fabrics – or other coatings – that dim the light, making it more diffuse.

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(Photo: foundations)

3) Use Decorative Lampsthose of low luminous intensity:

Ceiling spot, led strip, light bead are great when the light intensity is low. The luminous colored ribbons and cords attract the attention of the baby and, being weak, even calm them.


Delicate and light strands of light, such as these from Cormilu are great for decorative lighting of baby rooms and you can choose colors to match the decor of the room.

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(Photo: casaejardim)

See the difference in the delicacy of the light cord – even white – compared to the spot on the ceiling – If there is spot in this position it should have its intensity decreased when the baby is being cared for. The ideal is a lamp with milky light.

4) Use dimmers to control brightness:

To create different lighting levels with the same luminaire, use the dimmers and create this cozy sensation of darkness:

room to sleep

(Photo: roomparabebe)

Dimmerized, diffused, indirect, warm and cozy lighting for the baby’s dream. Nothing like this, does it? <3

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