55 Designer Bathrooms Decorated with Modernity!

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

a planned bathroom it is an investment you will feel proud of! With everything tailored for a better use of space and organization, the planned bathroom is more comfortable and ideal to enjoy a relaxing bath after a day spent. Follow our tips and fall in love for special environments!

Bathroom planned in neutral tones is nice and sophisticated.

Darker shades give elegance to space!

How to resist the classic black and white? Any bathroom will have a charm in those colors!

Spots center the focus of light where it is needed.

The clearer, the better! Bathrooms with good lighting are very useful.

A worked tile makes all the difference in the sophistication!

Mirrored cabinets are a good outlet to optimize space!

The mirror wall gives a feeling of ample room.

Unusual tones in bathrooms make the environment authentic and fun.

Niches are ideal for increasing the practicality of space.

Glass doors give amplitude to the bathroom.

Decorating with patterned tiles may be the focus of your bathroom.

Small planned bathroom cabinet, ideal for optimizing space.

A modern option is the burnt cement! Can be used on floors, walls and even on the counter!

Pendants are a treat in the bathroom.

How big is the ideal mirror? The biggest, of course!

Mirrored cabinets are very fancy!

Organization is essential, baskets look beautiful and are useful in empty spaces.

Tablets can also be used on the floor! Use creativity to give a unique touch.

The bathroom can be as refined as any other. Bet on sober tones.

How about combining the marble with gray? Pure sophistication!

Combine elements! Wood is unusual in the bathroom, invest in differentiation!

Investing in bathroom furniture is the best way to ensure organization!

Nature gives life to any room in the house! There are plants suitable for the environment.

Transparency gives amplitude to the bathroom, besides being a charm.

Were you in doubt about which tone to use? Bet on gradients creatively.

Black tiles in the box give an air of elegance.

Retro decor also looks beautiful in the bathroom.

Let light be the focus! Pendants are attention-grabbing decor items.

White gives a feeling of cleanliness! Use and abuse this color that brings serenity.

Modern and authentic decoration! Blue gives a touch of life to the environment.

Illuminated mirror is a great choice for those who prefer a soft and indirect light.

Cabinets on all sides! Plenty of space to store towels and materials that usually end up getting distant.

The burnt cement gives a modern touch to the décor in light tones.

Bath of the gods! The combination of skylight with soft lighting, in a giant shower, guarantees the perfect bath.

The combination of the round mirror with the horizontal rectangular tub and the vertical rectangular cabinets gives a lot of style to the bathroom!

Small bathrooms become large when the decor is minimalist.

Tight bathrooms need to be well taken advantage of. Intelligently plan the best position of your furniture.

Classics that never go out of style: the black outline gives a vintage touch with class.

Mix prints! Different prints in similar shades leave the bathroom authentic.

Details in stainless steel finish the room.

The combination of marble and wood leaves the atmosphere more modern.

The composition of the wall and wooden door gives a spa touch in the couple’s bathroom.

Planned small bathrooms ask for built-in closets. Use creativity to improve storage space.

Are you afraid of coloring too much? Use your favorite color in detail, without fear of making a mistake.

A small planned bathroom is nice and functional.

Nothing like two tubs in the couple’s bathroom

Niches inside the stall make the bath more practical and organized!

Tablets never go out of style! Bet on them!

Modern bathrooms with industrial decor are elegant.

Want sophistication? Bet on the black, white and gold combination!

Tiles in hive form are a breeze in the bathroom!

Creative solutions provide greater organization!

Were you inspired? Now just choose the best ideas and get to work!

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