52 Living Room Wall Stickers for a Creative and Cheerful Decor!

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

What about creating relaxation by decorating with wall stickers for living room? The stickers will leave the room with your face and the merrier the decor is, the cozier the space will be. Here are some models that will inspire you!

Use creativity! Some adhesives allow compositions with other decorative elements.

Do not Worry – Be Happy: great phrase for those who prefer to be happy instead of worrying!

Are you having trouble growing small plants? Try an adhesive, it will not wilt!

Speaking of little plants, decorate your little corner with authentic phrases.

The room sticker can be a key point in the decoration!

Phrases are always a good request! Choose the one that is your face.

Make your room more colorful with nature stickers.

A wall sticker may be the missing touch for your living room to come alive!

Ever thought about having the world on the wall?

Mandalas concentrate energy, it’s a great room request!

Some room wall stickers are the perfect size designs to fill the entire wall!

How about some little birds doing company?

Reminder stickers are very functional!

Do you want to leave the room to your face? Look for a special sticker that represents your family.

Cactus are fashionable. Enjoy this trend to make your wall a cutie!

Some designs stand out in the decoration.

Wall sticker can fill a lifeless corner.

Likes to travel? This model shows the sights of many places in the world!

Colorful stickers are the new wallpapers!

Colored walls look beautiful with blank stickers.

Use and abuse creativity.

How about filling your luminaire room?

A sticker wall decoration leave the room very charming!

The black wall comes alive with stickers.

A minimalist decor is also a treat.

Bet on your favorite color, it will be a special detail!

Or if! There are special stickers that reproduce real images.

Delicate stickers can leave your room with a romantic and warm air.

Adhesive vases are a charm in the right place!

Have you thought about coloring the house with stickers?

Funny phrases are guaranteed to succeed!

Room wall stickers can be more artistic and replace those old paintings.

Minimalist phrases are very modern.

How about combining the family photo sticker?

Encouragement phrases lift the mood of any room!

Make your wall much more interesting with minimalist stickers.

How about a more artistic touch? Modernize your decor with stickers!

Some stickers reproduce true works of art.

Enjoy the whitespace to create fun illusions!

Leave your little corner more special with a prayer that touches your heart.

Do you like little owls? There are several models to please you.

Some stickers shine in the dark and have a charm in the house!

Lines help create an illusion of space in the environment.

How about a map where you can bookmark the places you’ve visited?

Create fun illusions with objects and wall stickers.

Bamboo adhesive gives an air of freshness to the environment.

Color is life! Decorate your room with colorful stickers.

Do you have a favorite city? How about putting her inside your room?

Origamis are beautiful and last even longer as stickers on the living room wall.

Give a retro touch with the right sticker!

Wall stickers with your favorite animal will fill the living room.

Did you like our ideas? See more in upcoming posts!

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