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35 ideas for a study area or work in the room 35 ideas for a study area or work in the room
I selected 35 ideas for single or double room with a space for work or study. For large or small rooms. Inspire yourself and... 35 ideas for a study area or work in the room

I selected 35 ideas for single or double room with a space for work or study. For large or small rooms. Inspire yourself and adapt to yours!


(photos: CasaAbril, openhouse and tuacasa)

The table or bench replaces the bedside table and as its height is generally higher than his, some people may feel somewhat uncomfortable at bedtime. Bedding must be kept clear, and care must be taken in the projection of the bed (especially if it is only attached to the wall without feet) to avoid accidents when lifting or lying in bed.


(photos: CasaAbril, openhouse and jeitodecasa)

In the first photo to the left above the bed is high and it finishes that the bench is at the same height of her, making perfectly the role of bedside table also.


(Photos: CasaAbril, delikatissen and tuacasa)

In the first picture to the left above, again a high bed and the bedside table a little higher has a built-in mini table. Notice the last photo that the created-makeup desk (the mirror) -mini office has no feet.


(Photos: vidaeestiloterra, home-designing and CasaAbril)

In the first picture, the continuity of the mini shelf above the bed to the countertop taking the window. Super use of space. In the last photo the created is a cabinet that goes up to the wall where, above, the countertop. Beautiful and functional.


(Photos: findingsdecoration and studioboscardincorsi)

The functional minimalism heated by the second bedroom’s wood is perfect


(Photos: euamodecoracao e tuacasa)

Different and beautiful ideas that occupy space, but can be adapted to smaller rooms, see?


(Photos: 1Kindesign, architected and home-designing)

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In the first photo a solution that can be used for children and youngsters, for use that is not prolonged because it is not ergonomic at all! The rest are perfect for a room that serves as an office: a more classic and another well-laid out.


(Photos: casatreschic and tuacasa)

Very different styles with the same table solution at the front of the bed. In the first, a romantic female room for children, on the 2nd. a more serious style with rustic touches and the latter a high-tech industrial with a light (and beautiful) combination of colors


(Photos: assimeugosto and designing)

The first room, classic and quite small, but gave to place the table which also holds bijous. The 2nd. room is perfect also as office and guest room. Simple carpentry that works.


(Photos: limaonaagua, designing and deco-designing

In the first photo, great use of space and sophistication in the padded headboard up to the ceiling, lambri and light wood bench. The other two, office style / guest rooms already follow a simpler line. The green is well functional, already in the beige room the bed does not seem very comfortable. I would prefer it to be shorter and wider, with lambri on the wall. Do not you think?


(Photos: architecadoimovel and euamodecoracao)

2 good size bedrooms and very beautiful, the second perfect for a young sports lover. The tables are perfect for a good working time with comfort.


(Photos: prodesign and tuacasa)

One possibility when having a space for study or work is important and you can forego a good space in the wardrobe is the solution of the first photo. The second one is very similar to one of the previous photos, but with a very cool style for a young person. The strong yellow on the headboard does not disturb anybody’s sleep..rs!


(Photos: sefossenaminhacasa, Mrsboho and land)

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In the first picture the mobile is a spacious mini office in the room. In the second picture it seems that instead of the built-in wardrobe a built-in office has been made. A different idea, but not always possible. In the third again the same idea of ​​the bench after the bedside table (see how one idea can be used in several different styles)

(Photos: jurnaldedesignterior and casaabril)

For that it has a space that allows to separate a little the rest area of ​​the office is a beauty. Things get more organized and there are two people, one can sleep with less discomfort.

Hopefully you will find in these 35 ideas some that fit right in your room! one we have different contents!