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35 bathrooms with double vanity 35 bathrooms with double vanity
How I talk a lot about small bathrooms here I decided to make this post with ideas for benches with 2 tanks They need... 35 bathrooms with double vanity

How I talk a lot about small bathrooms here I decided to make this post with ideas for benches with 2 tanks They need a larger space to be installed and used efficiently. I mean: They are good even for medium and large bathrooms and make even greater difference for couples who, for leaving home every day at the same time, need to use well the little time it has.


(photo: 1-Kindesign)

A beautiful, luxurious, classic bathroom in black and wood. The vats are built-in and the space is not so great between them … If the couple is “spacious” as I will make a good mess … See that the taps are high since the vats have good depth. It is too important to choose the faucets according to the tub you are going to use. The distance between the water outlet and the edge of the tub should be about 15 cm (a height such that you can put your hand and the water does not splash out with a medium pressure). For more information on measures in bathrooms, click here.

thestylefiles ibizacapo8

(photo: thestylefiles)

Bathroom in rustic / industrial style with support tanks and low wall taps. A beautiful and functional set.


(photos: dustjacket, tresstudio and amosansamos)

The 3 photos show bathrooms with tanks and table taps, 2 on the sides, which allows the bench to be narrower.


(photos: amerrymishap, caseeinterni and construindominhacasaclean)

3 more benches with support tanks 2 with wall taps, and in the first photo there is only a very wide tub to be used by 2 people at the same time … something that is beautiful but I do not particularly like … In the 3rd photo a The faucet is on the table.

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(photo: decoist)

One piece that is countertop and 2 shallow tubs. Caution is required in choosing the faucet since the tub is very shallow (this wall and low seems a good option).


(photos: thinkdecor, dcorevoce and gshow)

Plus 3 support tanks, it’s a strong trend even – but requires that the bench itself is lower than with the built-in tanks, for example, so that the height is comfortable). If it is in the phase of reform and especially in the construction, the care with the correct position of the outlets of water in relation to the drains of the vats demonstrates the concern with the details well done …


(photos: keltainentalorannalla, Mrsboho and casaabril)


(photos: projects habitissimo and casaefesta)

In the last photo see that the support vats advance in front of the bench, narrower.


(photos: dustjacket, style-files and home adore)

In the first photo the bowl is a support and in the second the bowl is carved in the material of the bench. In both cases, the bench and tanks assembly should be more or less the same height. So I said that when the tub is supporting the bench is lower. In the third photo the vats are partially embedded in the bench.


(photo: Casaabril)


(photos: limaonaagua, Casaabril and vociprecisadecor)


(photos: 4bildcasa, casaabril and finddecoracao)

asarquitetas 16a

(photo: asarquitetas)

The model of the support tank is interesting as it allows the bench to be narrower for a reasonably large vessel.

Doubts about types of vats? Click here.


(photos: delikatissen, thenewinteriordesign and architect Ana Cláudia Barbieri)

In the third photo again the idea of ​​a single tub (this one also carved in the material and very long) with 2 taps.


(photos: Casaabril)

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trestudio Amber-Interiors-Before-and-After-ClientZtotheEtotheN-Neustadt-Photo-221

(photo: Trestudio)