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25 tables and small tables for small spaces you can make 25 tables and small tables for small spaces you can make
An small and narrow room, an small balcony, one corner without use, a room that the bed is bad and you need a support... 25 tables and small tables for small spaces you can make

An small and narrow room, an small balcony, one corner without use, a room that the bed is bad and you need a support desk, or to light meals, use the laptop, to study or just one chat with friends. And if the money is short this is the most perfect post for you: I selected 25 projects (plus a bonus, ok?) Of tables and tables with various functions and that you can do or have it done and it will not cost much. Come and see!


(Photo: hausdekoidee)

THE articulated coffee table (see the wood below) easily creates a space for to study or make a meal on the balcony


(Photos: creative affairs and chictip)

2 interesting and easy to do models: Coffee tables which help a lot give support for a cup or cup, save some books and complete the decoration of your living room or bedroom


(Photos: hausdekoidee and mostadela)

These 2 tables are very similar and can be made (the 2nd at least in part) with pallets. They serve either for support, sideboard or meal


(Photo: hausdekoidee)

Look how beautiful it is expandable table up to 4 people (depending on the width of your balcony)


(photo: smartorganizer)

An round folding table and that you can stay in corner. create a mini office quickly!

houseofjadeinteriorsblog DIY-Copper-Laptop-Table-6-731x1024

(Photo: houseofjadeinteriorsblog)

An support table similar to a previous one, but made with copper pipes! You can have a meal on the couch (I’m one of those …) study, read, support drinks and work!


(Photo: tresstudio)

Other support table the same type as the previous ones, now wood. The 70 cm height can be modified according to the height of your sofa. And you can paint it with a beautiful color, saw?

cynthia sabat 5935827342602590_n

(Photo: Cynthia sabat)

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a project well thought out: A table is embedded, divided in half, within the tv rack Not great?


(Photo: designinnova)

This is a very specific project for one an abandoned and difficult corner: A table is foldable and the 2 different chairs, when placed there, make it appear that it is a whole mobile, realize ? This gives more work, but does not have great complexity. Attention should be given to the measurements of the chairs that depend on the height of the table (you can make the table with height 80 / 95cm higher than normal dining tables because the chairs have room for the feet, so your seats are more But there is nothing to stop you from making the table in “normal” height (72/78 cm) and use low benches without this space underneath so your feet are tall, you know?


(Photo: daramine)

Here you can also use the table as sideboard, you see? Below photos showing how it was made


(Photo: daramine)


(Photo: decoracaofacil)

An folding table and artistic: Turn one painting when not in use!


(Photos: mostadela e facilisimo)

Support tables or sideboards, use you choose! The 2 are made with pallets (use wood or MDF to structure better and if it will put in external area, treat it to withstand moisture. Put some wheels not a bad idea)


(Photos: homedit and delikatissen)

3 very similar models that show the versatility and functionality of the Folding tables which are easy to do (in the second the table is the closed niche cover that was the leased in the cornersgreat for children’s bedrooms – are the most difficult to perform. Maybe buying it ready or having it done is the best)!

voceprecisadecor boasideiasdecor_02

(Photo: voceprecisadecor)

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Next to bed, serves as support table and bedside table. You can vary the measures I suggested for width and depth according to your space


(Photos: lorenartesanatos and esbrasil)

2 coffee tables. The first super easy with a (or 2) plastic baskets reinforced and the second with pallets and casters. I have already talked about the care in the use of pallets for furniture here. Do not stop reading.


(Photos: sossolteiros and nifandtastic)

Support tables made with pallets and with trunks (they have wheels, see!)


(Photos: decoratrix, buladaarquitetura and hausdekoidee)

And finally 3 more models with wood and basket (even garbage, for example, this one that is cute) with marble (it can be wood or other uniform and resistant material) as top. The third, having a bodyguard like this, is pretty easy to do. See that the strings pass through metal rods between the 2 “shelves” so that the set becomes firmer.