14 bathrooms and toilets in gray and black


Much due to the success of the Industrial Style, and coatings burnt cement and concrete, bathrooms and toilets using colors Grey and black are on the rise, even if the style of decoration is not the industrial one. Are neutral colors, classic, that combine with almost everything and, at the same time, give an air of modernity.

For those who want to use these colors, but prefer a light bathroom:


Tablets very light gray on the walls and on the floor, all metals in black and a touch of light wood in the very different closet. White is present on the ceiling (see tabica – which makes this space between walls – as it values) and on the bench. O curved mirror contrasts with the predominant straight lines, including the narrow shelf that cuts off its design. (Photo: arqpad)

Centsational styleblack-faucet-brass-sconces-brass-shower-trim

In this bathroom, well minimalist, the light tones predominate. It’s interesting what was done on the walls: Up to about 60 cm from the floor, white tiles and then marble with one dark band, as a listelo, very thin, separating the two materials. Metals in black and the tub and mobile with shelves in concrete give the industrial touch. The side washers in the mirror – which is great! – it has metal in golden tone, heating and sophistication. (Photo: CentsationalStyle)

For those who want to use these colors with colorful touches:

When combined with soft colors the black gray duo gets a touch of sophistication:

Daily Dream Decorceiling-to-floor-tiles1

Light gray is on the floor (which helps cleaning) in a medium-sized porcelain tile. The workbench has a double support tanks and wardrobe in dark wood. The metals are in black with the wall taps in minimalist design. On the wall of the bench the white ceramic repeats the shape of the blue ceramics with clear grouting of the box. The wall of the box, with these colors and pagination different is the bathroom focal point. At washers has detail in gold, seeking greater sophistication. (photo: Daily Dream Decor)

Hot and feminine colors “Break” the coldness:

atelierrueverte rose20poudré

The walls have cement burnt in ash and a rose faded and very delicate. THE bench with carved tub (made from the same bench material) is white, as are some of the other details that use black and wood honey, also present in the cabinet below the counter. (Photo: atelierrueverte)

Vivid colors bring relaxation:

architectships carpentry-chloride-1572993

At blank walls They do not darken the bathroom. The gray appears on the floor’s hydraulic tiles, as well as the black that is present in the granite that composes the partition for the box and also embeds the tap, a differential that does not draw so much attention due to bathroom focal point, This one mobile topped by a bench with carved vat, the two in one orange very flashy and very similar, although the materials are different. (Photo: architects)

For those who want to emphasize the industrial style:

“Raw” coatings, silver metals and parts of typeDo it yourself reinforce the more “masculine” tendency:

asarquitetas 76A694331-e-32_-APARTMENT-INDUSTRIAL-AMOEDO-signed-by-Bírbara-Jovem-Camile-Bell|cio-e-Fernanda-Lucca-for-the-MORE-FOR-LESS-RIO-2018-bathroom

This bathroom (which was exhibited at Mostar Morar More for less, RJ) has ceramic coating imitating concrete, super according to the industrial style is bench made of pvc pipes in black. Adnet mirror and metal fixtures with silver accents. (Photo: asarquitetas – Apartment Amoedo Industrial, signed by the Aipo Arquitetura office)

More refined, luxurious and delicate pieces tend to Industrial Chic:

thenew bohemian-luxury-apartment-vienna-annabell-kutucu-claus-brechenmacher-14

Different shades of gray going black look the way intimate and minimalist of this bathroom with bench with 2 round vats, wall taps, all in matte finish. The lighting gives a touch of drama to this bathroom more chic than Industrial. (Photo: thenew)

The Design Files lauren-li-bathrooms-tdf-29-1000x1290

Different, but the idea is almost the same as the previous photo: Sophistication. The difference is touches of white which “open” the space, making it less “introspective” than the previous one (Photo: The Design Files)

For those who want to add drama and impact:

homedsgn Industrial-apartment-by-Authentic-Interior-33-850x1275

Drama You can also with lighting and the creation of shadows, penumbras… As in this simple bathroom, but that offers this impact with the light behind the mirror illuminating gray and black walls (Photo: homedsgn)

Architecture of Imóvel0da062f071e51a

The contrast between coatings – gross and matte floor, front wall and ceiling and bright but black on the wall of the toilet – together with the direct and strong lighting and even the vase with rustic plant on the side help create this atmosphere that leaves no one indifferent. (Photo: Architecture of the Property)

To give a “heated” in Style:

Architecture of Imóvelffeb2794bf1d36

Of course you already know: To warm anything better than the wood. In this very present and reflected bathroom, in a golden tone which is special for this cozy effect. There’s no mistake, even with all this black and gray. (Photo: Architecture of the Property)

Centsational stylecopper-brushed-steel-amber-interiors

Here, the wood is lighter, less hot, but the metals and copper-tone luminaires help a lot. In addition, the ceramic gray on the wall of mirrors has a hot toneDo you understand? (Photo: Centsational style)

For those who like more neutrality:

small bathroom minhacasa 061

When you prefer that there is not the perception of many color variations in the environment as a whole an idea is to use a color for the crockery, countertop and cabinet, another for all walls and vary more tones in details, as in this bathroom, where the floor has all the nuances from white to black. (Photo: CasaAbril)


Another possibility is divide the spaces with the colors and do not mix them in the whole environment. In this bathroom only the box / bath area is in black and the rest of the bathroom is gray, with dishware on white and silver metals. O hot detail it’s the niche in wood and illuminated, which becomes a focal point cozy (Photo: limaonaagua)

Enjoy and mix these ideas. Think and rethink your space, your needs and routine. And then, create your gray and black bathroom well your way!

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