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12 ideas for small service areas – with important tips! 12 ideas for small service areas – with important tips!
In small apartments it is difficult to create in a small space, a service area or laundry which is beautiful and mostly functional. That’s... 12 ideas for small service areas – with important tips!

In small apartments it is difficult to create in a small space, a service area or laundry which is beautiful and mostly functional. That’s why I researched 12 service areas installed in small apartments and give you some tips to get inspired and do the best in this small environment.

jeitodecasa Tetriz Architecture and Interiors-decoration-laundry-white-with-bench-black-tetrizarquitetura1

This small service area, Architecture Tetrix that I got on the blog Hometown), has space and facilities identical to several apt ones out there – including mine! – It’s typical of “kitchens hallway“That in the background, has the only window of the environment and often comes with the water and gas installations required to install the heater. I pointed out some important items in the photo. If you have any questions about the facilities please comment here on the post that we respond to, ok?


(photo: decor)

Another beautiful organization, with tailor-made furniture, for a service area in a small kitchen, usually the corridor type too

picture 8-1

(photo: decor)

Another way of arranging the items in a kitchen hallway. If it is wider than the space you have behind the wall where the stove is usually, it is a good idea, even if the area is more visible. You gain space.


(photo: decor)

Another option that starts to be used is not to split the kitchen laundry. The advantage is that we gain more space. The downside is that things get more exposed and activities need to be more organized.


(photo: Tuacasa)

This project of Patrícia Anastassiadis has a minimum division with transparent glass between the kitchen and the service area along with an idea that if you can, use therefore increases the luminosity – the mirror on the wall reflecting the light coming from the window!


(photo: decor)

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When the kitchen ends in an open area (and still sunny above) it is a blessing

homedesigning Utility-room-storage-600x785

(photo: homedesigning)

This form of organization, stacking washing and drying machines, is common outside Brazil, but here you find machines that allow this configuration. In this photo specifically, they are within niches (it’s important to note the machine manuals to know how much free area they need to work well inside niches, okay?) and not one directly over another directly (which is more complicated, because you need to make sure that the bottom supports the top and that they will not “slip” – the best is to attach the top one on the wall and we already have also kits that – at least that’s what I raised – are bought separate from the machines)

homedesigning laundry-storage

(photo: homedesigning)

If you are fortunate enough to have an environment (small and narrow, but relatively large compared to the kitchen hallway) to the laundry I would suggest a project like this that uses every corner, you see?

home-designing Utility-room-600x1125

Project Imade Cake (Vietnamese company) that I found on the site home-designing, uses part of the balcony to install the washing machine inside a piece of furniture planned for it. To accomplish it here it is important to get so much approval from the trustee and the governing bodies of the municipal laws of these facilities – which is often impossible – how to bring – and carry – the necessary hydraulic facilities. Pretty tricky, but if possible, that’s a good idea.


(photo: delikatissen)

For those who have this “whole” space, the cool thing about this project is that the machines are at a good height to use. Down to put on and take off is really annoying and troublesome for a lot of people


(photo: decor)

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Another option, also little used in Brazil (even due to the minimum size also of the bathrooms) is the installation of the machine in a bathroom. If you have space it is interesting because you can save a bit on gas and water facilities. See how cool the wire is above the machine. You can use this idea, no matter where you install the machine (to drill the walls is always good to know where the pipes go, do not forget)


(photo: decor)

Embedded or not, this design uses space very well, with the dryer raised

Hope you find your inspiration here!