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New uses for porcelain tile
I started to hear talk and see in decoration and various websites on the use of porcelain tile not only for floors and walls in Kitchens and bathrooms, but throughout the house and I think it’s worth thinking about this coating at reform or construction ,saw? So, let’s see... Read more
14 bathrooms and toilets in gray and black
Much due to the success of the Industrial Style, and coatings burnt cement and concrete, bathrooms and toilets using colors Grey and black are on the rise, even if the style of decoration is not the industrial one. Are neutral colors, classic, that combine with almost everything and, at... Read more
52 Living Room Wall Stickers for a Creative and Cheerful Decor!
What about creating relaxation by decorating with wall stickers for living room? The stickers will leave the room with your face and the merrier the decor is, the cozier the space will be. Here are some models that will inspire you! Use creativity! Some adhesives allow compositions with other... Read more
55 Designer Bathrooms Decorated with Modernity!
a planned bathroom it is an investment you will feel proud of! With everything tailored for a better use of space and organization, the planned bathroom is more comfortable and ideal to enjoy a relaxing bath after a day spent. Follow our tips and fall in love for special... Read more
47 Elegant and Modern Black Kitchens!
Black kitchen is synonymous with elegance! Impossible to resist the charm of a kitchen with black cabinets just like any other modern decor in dark shades. And always good to remember: black leaves cleaning faster and more practical. See some options charming that will conquer you! A planned black... Read more