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Why do so many trees fall? Why do so many trees fall?
What can you do to lessen this problem? Today I decided to write about a subject that a lot of people ask themselves, especially... Why do so many trees fall?

What can you do to lessen this problem?

Today I decided to write about a subject that a lot of people ask themselves, especially when we are in the period of heavy rains and gale.

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This is a very serious issue, as serious as the choice of the tree (species) to be planted, which we have already discussed here.

When a tree falls, it is not only a tree that dies, but also the various benefits that it produces for decades and the microorganisms that live there, even removing birds and destroying nests. Very serious is also the fact that the fall of a tree can reap human lives, so it is a serious security issue.

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I’ve come across a scary situation not long ago. It was driving through a tree-lined avenue and suddenly a huge branch broke and in a triz did not fall on my car. It was by very little, but I managed to brake in time and at the moment there was no car behind me. It was not a branch, it was very thick and long enough to close the whole street. If it had fallen on the car, it might hurt or kill.

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To fall or break a tree does not have to look frail or dry, much less deadly. It is often leafy, with green leaves, with flowers and fruits.

So why do trees fall?

Let’s go to some factors and how to avoid disasters:

restless is not the fault of the tree

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THE) Wind force. There is not much to do. Even healthy trees can be uprooted depending on the strength of the wind, so imagine those that are not in good condition.

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B) The rains also leave the canopies heavier because of the absorption of water and the weight can break the base. Imagine that under winds with more than 76 km / h a tree weighing about 20 tons, will have its weight quintuplicado. The fall will be favored if there are hollowed trunks, enverged and unbalanced canopy. Excessive rainfall also robs important nutrients (leaching).


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W) Poor pruning, asymmetrical (very common) because of spinning are a big risk for breaking large branches and the very base. The cup can not be unbalanced or deformed.

D) Excess moisture and heat favor fungal proliferation which can penetrate inside the wood causing rapid deterioration and leaving them fragile. Any kind of pest must be controlled immediately.

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AND) Trees that have roots stifled by cement from sidewalks and asphalt are more susceptible to damage. We have already talked about this in the Post quoted above.

F) Trees in urban centers have their accelerated aging process due to pollution, vehicle vibration in the streets, lack of planting care and choice of unsuitable species for the weather, excessive night illumination, noise and lack of fertilization.

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(art: diariodaregiao)

G) With the soil compacted the new roots die and the superficial ones arise and thicken destroying sidewalks and never finding firmness. When planting a tree, plant it correctly; do not economize at that time. Look for professional guidance and not “Zé das Cabras”.


Look at the trees, look up. If you notice that there is a risk of falling, broken and hanging branches, unbalanced canopy, notify the Civil Defense or the City Hall of your city. You will be helping to prevent tragedies. Think about it.

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We must take an interest in the subject before the tragedies; for reflecting that trees are living beings and deserve care just as we do; that they are also victims of the degraded environment.


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As a landscaper, I have been interested in learning more about them from time to time and not only on small or medium sized ornamental species, so I take courses, learn from the masters such as Raul Cânovas, Harri Lorenzi and many others who share their knowledge and studies. When professionals from diverse backgrounds, such as agronomists, biologists, foresters and landscapers share their knowledge and experience, everyone wins, including the wonderful trees.

Trees are very easy to take care of, but they do need care, never forget that.

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