Wall Colors to Room: 42 Inspirations to Take Your Breath Away!

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

Here you will find inspirations from wall-to-wall colors incredible! From the most basic to the most vibrant, including combinations and textures, the wall-to-wall colors include a wide palette of options. It’s worth painting, there is no rule or convention: invest in what you want and in what color or what you like!

How about a combination of soft colors on the walls of the room? Well, yes, bet on rosy tones that combine a lot with the textures in gray color!

For those who want something striking, but still keeping the lighter tones in evidence, you can choose a stronger color, such as wine or red, to paint a small part of the wall, creating a unique visual effect!

The basic gill can also be your choice. In this case, you can invest in a decoration with remarkable elements without being afraid to overwhelm the environment.

Blue conveys an aura of peace and tranquility. The more closed tones give a touch of elegance and intimacy all special!

As you can see, the shades of gray go well, too, mixed with wooden elements such as the living room floor and the slat panel further down.

And this incredible gradient? For those who like a creative painting, but with sobriety, found the right inspiration!

Look at that luxury! Rosy tones are the face of wealth and delicacy, are not you people? Allied to a Provencal decoration, then, we do not even talk!

The more closed light green brings joy to the room!

Want lots of colors? How about a striking mosaic with vibrant tones? The wall chosen for the art can be the one that supports the sofa!

Lighter colors always convey a sense of peace and tranquility.

In addition to serving to increase the environment and make it appear broader.

Brighter colors bring more joy to the room, their combination enhances this effect.

Darker colors make a more elegant impression and have greater sobriety.

While colorful walls convey greater joviality and bring lightness.

Vivid colors, such as yellow, help raise the mood of those in the room and convey excitement and energy.

The combination of lilac and gray can create a more mystical and ethereal environment.

The shades of light pink are more romantic and classic.

While darker shades of pink refer to nature.

Gray is an excellent choice to maintain neutrality and escape from the sameness of white.

Blue is a color that conveys peace and tranquility,

Especially in lighter shades.

More neutral walls allow the rest of the decor to be more colorful.

The color of the wall can help dictate the style of the rest of the entire room.

When a very vivid color is chosen, it is interesting to paint only one wall of this color and the rest of a neutral tone, so as not to sin by excess.

Combining the curtains with the tone of the wall is very elegant.

When using more neutral tones, it is possible to play with different prints and colors on different walls!

Combining some other elements of the decor with the tone of the wall is a very interesting idea.

The textured walls are great to get out of the sameness without dare much in color.

The white ceiling helps brighten the environment and maintain its breadth.

The colors can be placed on the floor and on the rugs, too, in combination with the wall!

It is always fundamental to take into account the lighting of the environment when choosing the right color. In environments with less natural light, light colors are the best choice!

For the most creative minds, the possibilities with colors are endless!

The result of leaving the comfort zone can be beautiful!

Walls with wood paneling are elegant and classic.

The way the color stays illuminated can greatly change the appearance of the environment.

The wall that resembles plain cement is interesting and modern!

Exploring colors and shapes on the walls is not for anyone, and is very sophisticated.

The wall as element that brings life and contrast to the room, in an intelligent use of colors.

Color in the middle of the wall is a classic that never goes out of style!

The daring ones also have their place in the sun!

Sometimes a piece of wall is enough to transform the whole environment!

Who has artistic talent can use at home and make a personalized and unique wall!

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