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Trends 2019 – Bathrooms and Kitchens Trends 2019 – Bathrooms and Kitchens
Continuing my research on decoration trends in 2019 (I already talked about colors and wallpapers) now we go to the lavatories, toilets and kitchens?... Trends 2019 – Bathrooms and Kitchens

Continuing my research on decoration trends in 2019 (I already talked about colors and wallpapers) now we go to the lavatories, toilets and kitchens? It is clear that much of what appears in these areas also appears in other environments of the house. As the colors and also the wallpapers in the lavatories (here we see lots of big flowers!)… Well decorated house has unity and harmony, do not forget!

A) Again, the Industrial Style “chic” – As I always say, things do not change completely from year to year … Much of what we saw in previous years will continue to be seen (see post about 2018).

thedecojournaldesenho piece-guest-16

(photo: thedecojournaldesenho)

Therefore, the industrial style It’s still hot, but the so-called industrial chic that’s what I see firmer.


(Pay attention to these shades of green and greyish blue in kitchen cabinets) – Photo: desvinter

That industrious and super “do it yourself” (even more poorly finished) I think will have less and less space. ANDStruturas, electrical and hydraulic apparent we still have, but well organized and light. Quality, some lightness and good workmanship set the tone.


(photo: Casatreschic)

In bathrooms, metals in black and with straight and simple lines seem to be more used than the “Gold” and people are betting on the brass and bronze and saying that Red Gold is not having such success … Let’s see.


(photo: thedesignfiles)

O concrete remains strong and well finished, worked and clear. Or being increasingly imitated in porcelain tiles.

Très Architecture designs Casa Menir PHOTOS Evelyn Muller_MG_1812instaa

(Photo: Evelyn Muller / Three Architecture Project)

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B) Art Deco, Vintage, Minimalist, Japanese, Scandinavian – These are 4 styles that, here and there, give a few touches (or a climate, like some of the photos above also) in the kitchens and bathrooms, in addition to the whole house.


(photo: Homedit)

Keltainen talo rannallad3ec01f

(photo: Keltainen talo rannalla)

C) Terrazzo, Marmorite, Granilite “They have reappeared here now in the finals of 2018, and they have the whole rope, in the bathrooms, kitchens, on the walls by the house, and even on furniture, wallpapers and prints.


(photo: soodeco)

Made with the mixture of marble, granite, stone, quartz or glass fragments on a cement or concrete basis or epoxy resin, they can be very discrete (with small fragments) or even exaggerated. It is to wait to see what materials and uses will stand (or not).


(photo: behance)

In fact, this type of material has an ancient history, coming from Venice (in the fifteenth century) the idea of ​​using residual materials to make mosaic floors. In the 40’s the granilite was very successful here and now appears again, renewed in materials and aspects.

bovary d2867b113e

(photo: bovary)

There are different types and finishes, from polished to washed, which have different uses. Washes are used in wet areas.

D) Use of Black and Clear Wood- Perhaps a consequence of Industrial Style, the question is what black color (mainly frosted) is very present in details or large areas of kitchens, lavatories and bathrooms.

thedecojournaldesenho 4-1-600x520

(photo: thedecojournaldesenho)

As in the new apartments, mainly middle class, bathrooms and kitchens have little natural light, I only see the possibility of black emplacing in details or accompanied (as we have also seen) of lots of wood (or imitation) clear and natural lookingl.

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Keltainen talo rannallaispanskoe-shale-posredi-lesa-pufikhomes-11

(photo: Keltainen talo rannalla)

Australian Homes binary-house-tdf-2-1000x562

(photo: Australian Homes)

E) And 3D and geometric coatings continue – The patterns light and delicate likely to be the most viewed, besides the creative creations and with great possibility of variations. O fishbone pattern for example, has appeared in ceramic tiles, have you noticed?


(photo: Oldbrandnew)


(photo: Home-designing)

F) Curves – The trend of the organic forms that has been in place since the beginning of 2018 is presented in bathrooms in the formats of mirrors, tubs and tubs.

Daily Dream Decorfarmhouse-vibe-533x800

(photo: Daily Dream Decor)

G) A deal in lighting – Increasingly, both for functional and decorative issues, we will see projects treating more seriously and / or ostensively the lighting of bathrooms and kitchens, which is a blessing, because we really need it (I only hope for a little exaggeration and a lot of technique)!


(photo: Home-designing)

H) Plants “The bathrooms and kitchens can not get away from the idea of ​​bringing the green home. Mints in kitchens, as well as cacti and succulents (the last 2 do not do very well in bathrooms) will continue.

decordemon charming-attic-apartment-in-sweden-pufikhomes-4

(photo: decordemon)

I) Glass and transparencies in general – A trend that is all good for the tiny environments with which we live, the transparent materials give light to the furniture and environments. They are appearing slowly, but they may “catch on.”

color_block_na_cozinha_designinnova_ (11)

(photo: designinnova)

J) Frames in black and glass in partitions and boxes – This is another trend also linked to the Industrial Style that I have seen in bathrooms and also in other environments. It’s beautiful and different. Let’s see what happens in the next few months with her.

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Gazeta do Povo home-bunch-reproduction-box-squared-black-elegant-ideas-bathroom-change-decoration

(photo: Gazeta do Povo)

As you can see, you can follow the trends without giving up your style, because there is always something that can fit.