Room for sleeping and working


It does not matter if it is small or large, whether it is for a teenage son, one that appears from time to time or for an eventual guest, the possibility of having a multifunctional room, that serves to sleep and also as home-office is a blessing! Let’s see some cool ideas?


Simple, comfortable, balanced between the impersonal and the cozy – the way of a guest room of those who like to receive with care and attention. And it can be used as an office or office on a day-to-day basis. Having a comfortable sofa or even sofa bed is super important!


Smaller than the first but very good. In the 2 we see the concern with lighting for both work and sleeping use.


If the room is used many hours like office it is great to have a good chair and emphasize the concern with the lighting.


This one already has quite the face that an environment that is much used even as office – closets, documents, drawer – but the sofa is available …


The arrangement is always basically the same. But the variations are endless. In this office / guest room the well-chosen neutral colors give a special air of warmth and comfort.


See the detail of the coating on the mattress in the mirror of the wardrobe, a detail beauty. Incidentally, although the other photos do not show, it is always nice to have at least a piece of furniture with drawers or separate pieces of a wardrobe for the visitor to put their objects and clothes.


A look of many planned furniture that you can see, but that are functional. I would only add a bulkhead between the mattress and the wall for comfort (like a mdf card, for example). And I would also remove the large drawers from the drawers below the bed to avoid tripping.


One thing I miss in these guest bedroom / office projects is a side table to make the nightstand. This can be solved with a puff or a little table that sits below the worktable, like here. At bedtime just put it next to the sofa if the person wishes. Having the space is simple to achieve a good environment for the office and for the eventual guest.

Pictures of the websites and blogs: arquiteturadoimovel, 1-kindesign, acervo de interiores,  openhouse,  portaadentro,  minhacasaminhacara,  desiretoinspire e achadosdedecoracao

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