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Why do so many trees fall?

organicsnewsbrasil foto Juliana Deodoro arvore-caida-alameda-casa-branca

What can you do to lessen this problem?

Today I decided to write about a subject that a lot of people ask themselves, especially when we are in the period of heavy rains and gale.

organicsnewsbrasil foto Juliana Deodoro arvore-caida-alameda-casa-branca

(photo: organicsnewsbrasil)

This is a very serious issue, as serious as the choice of the tree (species) to be planted, which we have already discussed here.

When a tree falls, it is not only a tree that dies, but also the various benefits that it produces for decades and the microorganisms that live there, even removing birds and destroying nests. Very serious is also the fact that the fall of a tree can reap human lives, so it is a serious security issue.

 portalcbncampinas Tree-Fall

(photo: portalcbncampinas)

I’ve come across a scary situation not long ago. It was driving through a tree-lined avenue and suddenly a huge branch broke and in a triz did not fall on my car. It was by very little, but I managed to brake in time and at the moment there was no car behind me. It was not a branch, it was very thick and long enough to close the whole street. If it had fallen on the car, it might hurt or kill.

diariodaregiao cities_Arvore02

(Photo: diariodaregiao)

To fall or break a tree does not have to look frail or dry, much less deadly. It is often leafy, with green leaves, with flowers and fruits.

So why do trees fall?

Let’s go to some factors and how to avoid disasters:

restless is not the fault of the tree

(blog art: tireless)

THE) Wind force. There is not much to do. Even healthy trees can be uprooted depending on the strength of the wind, so imagine those that are not in good condition.

B) The rains also leave the canopies heavier because of the absorption of water and the weight can break the base. Imagine that under winds with more than 76 km / h a tree weighing about 20 tons, will have its weight quintuplicado. The fall will be favored if there are hollowed trunks, enverged and unbalanced canopy. Excessive rainfall also robs important nutrients (leaching).


(photo: folhasegente)

W) Poor pruning, asymmetrical (very common) because of spinning are a big risk for breaking large branches and the very base. The cup can not be unbalanced or deformed.

D) Excess moisture and heat favor fungal proliferation which can penetrate inside the wood causing rapid deterioration and leaving them fragile. Any kind of pest must be controlled immediately.

friendsdoparentalcenter DSC00985

(photo: amigosdoparquecentral)

AND) Trees that have roots stifled by cement from sidewalks and asphalt are more susceptible to damage. We have already talked about this in the Post quoted above.

F) Trees in urban centers have their accelerated aging process due to pollution, vehicle vibration in the streets, lack of planting care and choice of unsuitable species for the weather, excessive night illumination, noise and lack of fertilization.

diariodaregiao cities_ArteÁrvore

(art: diariodaregiao)

G) With the soil compacted the new roots die and the superficial ones arise and thicken destroying sidewalks and never finding firmness. When planting a tree, plant it correctly; do not economize at that time. Look for professional guidance and not “Zé das Cabras”.


Look at the trees, look up. If you notice that there is a risk of falling, broken and hanging branches, unbalanced canopy, notify the Civil Defense or the City Hall of your city. You will be helping to prevent tragedies. Think about it.

We must take an interest in the subject before the tragedies; for reflecting that trees are living beings and deserve care just as we do; that they are also victims of the degraded environment.


(photo: news)

As a landscaper, I have been interested in learning more about them from time to time and not only on small or medium sized ornamental species, so I take courses, learn from the masters such as Raul Cânovas, Harri Lorenzi and many others who share their knowledge and studies. When professionals from diverse backgrounds, such as agronomists, biologists, foresters and landscapers share their knowledge and experience, everyone wins, including the wonderful trees.

Trees are very easy to take care of, but they do need care, never forget that.

See more at:

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The fault is not of the trees.

35 fixtures you can do!


I selected 35 Do-it-yourself fixtures, using a variety of materials such as household utensils, wood, cans, pvc or copper pipes, wire, etc. Let’s go hand in hand or ask someone clever clever to do?


Flowerpots, crochet, knitting and tins (photos: apartmenttherapy and arrumadissimo)


Rings (or seals) of the cooling cans glued to a dome (if the dome is transparent I think it looks even better) and colored wood and ropes (photos: decnet and homemademodern)


Cardboard cut and glued


Metal and disposable cups (Photos: dailyicon – The Birth Lamp by Satoshi Itasaka)


Wood and ceramics and block of concrete or cement (photos: atelierrueverte and Oltremondano Lighting)


Drains can be used for similar design and lumber for luminaire with support (Photos: perfectoordem)


GavetaMix’s step-by-step for cloud luminaire


wood (Photo: kantinkoski)


Cans and graters (Photos: simplichique and portaltagnt)


Wood and molded wood with metallic finish (but can be simplified with wood simply)


Dumpsters or baskets of metal or wire and wood / copper pipes and bucket as dome (very original that!) Photos: architects and vcprecisadecor)


Similar luminaire can be made with frame and crochet and in the other photo, painted cans (Photos: decorviva)


Wire around the lamp with butterflies insertion of tissue or paper and plastic spoons (Photos: SOSolteiros)


Half a hat and grater (Photos: decodeliziosa and arquitrecos)


Pvc pipes and cast lamps (photos: easy-diysprojects)


Pvc pipes (Photos: magazineartesanato and decoratingyoursmallspace)


Copper pipes and paper cardboard or paperboard (or metal!) – Photos: Lotsofdiy and voceprecisadecor)


Japanese lantern and feathers (Photo: abeautifulmess)


Letters with thick paper – or plastic (Photos: diyhomedecor)


Metal or wood and filter or milky plastic (Photos: hausdekoideetop)

Did you like the selection?

More than 40 uses for wire in Decoration and Organization


The huge amount of wireframe models (that you find in large stores or stores with materials for shopkeepers) and your creativity can create very interesting solutions for decoration and organization in every corner of the house. You can buy ready, buy the pieces and do, anyway! And wires hardly occupy space, do not visually weigh and allow great ventilation! All the best for small environments, is not it? So check out these 42 ideas and enjoy!

In the living room, in the bedroom, in the study corner or office


(photos: altoastrale vivadecora)


(photos: industrystandarddesign and TDC)


(photos: altoastral and vivadecora)


(photos: apezinho and buladaarquitetura)


(photos: housebuilding and homedit)


(photos: conexaoflavia and modices)


(photos: vmdesignblogg and trestudio)


(photos: woman’s tips and vivadecora)

On the porch or yard


(photos: eflfurniture, followthecolours, vivadecora and jeitodecasa)


(photos: altoastral and vivadecora)


(photos: homesthetics)

In the kitchen and laundry area


(photos: arquitrecos)


(photos: ThisOldHouse and painting and arranging)


(photos: vivadecora and mauriciogebaraarquitetura)


(photos: architects and vivadecora


(photos: Architects)

In the bathroom


(photos: arquitrecos and incredible)


(photos: vivadecora)

Dividing environments and decorating to restaurants


(photos: Shelterness and mauriciogebaraarquitetura)


(photos: mauriciogebaraarquitetura and vivadecora)

Trends 2019 – Rooms and Rooms

Australian Homesbinary-house-tdf-5-1000x1290

We already talked about the colors, the wallpapers, the bathrooms and the kitchens and now, to complete, let’s talk about the 2019 trends for rooms and bedrooms. For this series of posts besides my pitacos, I did a good research on the bets that big blogs, national and foreign are doing. I hope you take the opportunity to be inspired by your reforms or constructions, but do not fail to follow your taste and your desire. After all, it’s your house, right?

Australian Homesbinary-house-tdf-5-1000x1290

Chic industrial style, Japanese touches, plants, concrete, black frames, light wood (photo: Australian Homes)

As I said before, a nicely decorated house (or apartment) has harmony, a sense of unity, that makes you feel like you’re “in the same house”

CASA TRÈS CHICbfc032ee75

Transparencies, crystals, boiserie (photo: Casatreschic)

And the best is when this “something in common” is subtle and not just something that repeats itself. As for example, use a small palette of colors but used in a different way by varying the amount or tone of each color in each environment.

Daily Dream Decorneutral-and-cozy-space-cover

Rusticity, ethnic prints, basketwork, “straw”, earthy colors, plants (photo: Daily Dream Decor)

Due to the necessity of this harmony, several tendencies about which I have already spoken will also be in the rooms and rooms, such as:


Curves (photo: tdc)

O Chic industrial style, at earthy colors (very present in the palettes of the year), O concrete / burnt cement, style ringtones Art Deco, Vintage, Minimalist, Japanese and Scandinavian, O granilite, a light wood Thethe 3D and geometric coatings more delicate curves / organic shapes, at plants, at transparencies and the and squadrias in black in partitions.

VM designblogg 50Torino

Geometric multicolored paints (photo: Cosedicasa)

But specifically for the rooms and the rooms we can still find the following trends:

A) Geometric and creative multicolored paintings on the walls – A subject I’ve talked about in this post, it seems that having a wall in one color as a highlight is really changing. Another wave that we have here on the walls are the boiseries (those frames of wood, plaster, polyurethane or even cement that form designs on the walls)


Ripted, macrame, light wood (photos: tdc and thestylefiles)

B) Macramê and tapestries on the walls – Macramê began to appear to support plants and we are already seeing some environments with panels in this technique, besides some tapestry gracing the walls.


Basketry, rustic materials, earthy colors, dry plants (photo: tdc)

C) Rustic materials in carpets, furniture, lamps and basketwork – Simple natural or with tribal prints.


Straw on headboard and dry arrangement (photo: tdc)

D) The straw on furniture, fixtures and partitions – She’s coming back hard. And she is beautiful! There is also the ripped used as a partition and in detail on the walls, etc.


Straw on the armchair and earthy colors (photo: tdc)

E) Handmade, rustic and “imperfect” accessories – Perhaps due to the Japanese style that is appearing in detail, you may notice the amount of decorating accessories with this footprint.

xavel ed099e68be38_EFCrcvp

Plants, earthy, ethnic, rustic (photo: xavel)

F) Arrangements with dehydrated plants (dry arrangements) “I’m not sure why, but the point is, I see a lot of these arrangements out there and even mixed up with beautiful green and living plants. Depending on the arrangement can range from giving romantic touch to a minimalist environment to a maximalist touch when “exaggerated.”

VM designbloggCDL_17th_CF015678st

Wall Tapestry (photo: VM designblogg)

Well, it has a tendency that does not end and of course you can choose which one to use and not even use any … Because who owns your house is you, after all! But of course when looking for coatings, furniture, accessories or see magazines and websites will, of course, come up against them countless times. 

Economic decoration in the child's room


I have selected 22 ideas to increase the decoration of the children’s room in a cost-effective, quick and space-saving way! Do it yourself and even with the help of your children!


In the 2 projects of the company Len’s Decor, the painting on the wall makes all the difference and is not difficult to do

The House that my Grandmother wanted-to-adolescent4-Copy-of-LB_Quarto1_005-1

Enjoy the fashion of the boiserie (these inserts in relief on the wall) for the children’s bedroom too. Today you find these pieces in polyurethane, plaster, etc. (photo: A CasaqueaminhaVoqueria)


If you have an area with shelves like the one on the left, paint it a different color from the rest of the wall will value the whole. And creative stickers are still welcome in the decoration (Photos: antonioemario and Mrsboho)


Think of simple designs you can do on the walls! Even so they will be shocking! Another idea is to dare on the mixture of paintings (or wallpapers or stickers mixed with paint) on the walls. Photos: mcmc and keltainentalorannalla)


Stickers or designs and small bulbs give a nice effect. See the elephants in the 2nd photo: You can make bugs, numbers, letters … etc with fabric and adhesive or just colored stickers (photos: cepaynasi and dengodefeen)


Another fashion that you can enjoy in the children’s bedroom is the geometric painting. Complement with comics and shelves (photos: colorless, thebooandtheboy and apartmenttherapy)


A stamped contact pedal can turn a dinosaur (or other element) into the wall. And the geometric painting can also be complemented with colored and even metalized adhesives. (Photos: apartment34 and voceprecisadecor)


Wallpaper on a half wall is easier to put on your own and is styled with rhodium and simple paint on the top of the wall. On the other picture: Original pillows and a styrofoam board with the shape that your son or daughter wants and quickly creates a differential that attracts attention! (Photos: thebooandtheboy)


Two reading nooks that you can adapt to the space you have in the child’s room. In the picture below a simple furniture (or niches that you can buy separated and assemble as you wish) still help to organize and serve as a seat (photos: thedecojournaldesenho)

thebooandtheboy 9 (3)

An industrial footprint on the shelf very easy to do with a ladder and wooden planks (photo: thebooandtheboy)

thebooandtheboy 18

Look at what different “headboard” you can make (or have to do) with fabric – jean or jute are durable) and what many kids will love! (Photo: thebooandtheboy)

thebooandtheboy 44355

The painting on the furniture is also easy to make and gives a very beautiful effect. Also notice the “little house” niches (Photo: thebooandtheboy)

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