Kitchen Faucet: Perfectly Finished Models!

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THE kitchen tap should not be seen only as something functional, but it can also help complement the design this room. If you are in the phase of choosing the kitchen faucet, follow the following faucet models with perfect finish!

This faucet follows one of the latest trends in decoration: the bronze.

Here, the bet was to durability, with the tap made in stainless steel.

In this kitchen, the faucet for the sink followed the weather rustic of the decoration.

This type of faucet is perfect for anyone who needs mobility when washing dishes or food.

In darker kitchens, the faucet in bronze brings even more sophistication.

Another beautiful choice of bronze colored faucet, with modern design.

This style of gourmet faucet has been much sought after for the execution of contemporary projects.

The intensity of the jet is one of the main factors to consider when choosing a gourmet faucet for the kitchen.

In material matte, this type of faucet is for those who like more traditional models.

Here, the faucet for the kitchen sink is quite harmonious with the rest of the decor.

With a faucet like this at home, the villagers will even fight to do the dishes!

With a very rustic design, this faucet goes back to the industrial period.

Here, a more affordable and design-friendly model that makes the difference in the kitchen sink.

Chrome plated, this malleable tap already comes with the opening for filtered water.

In straight lines and dark material, this is also an interesting choice of faucet for the kitchen.

Traditional, but not so much: the bossa of this faucet is due to the widest mouth.

THE golden faucet is a great choice for those who like a more irreverent design.

This is a faucet model for the kitchen attached to the wall.

For those who enjoy bronze props, this faucet is the perfect complement.

In this environment, a faucet that lives up to the most futuristic.

How about this faucet with filter, which brings two streams of water into integrated courses?

Here, the faucet comes with the same elegant bronze material from Cuba.

Another golden tap with touch classic, which seems to be taken from the history books.

In chrome-plated material, a beautiful delta faucet, with sinuous curves.

Another good alternative in golden for those who are not afraid to dare in the kitchen decoration.

This classic model is perfect for anyone who is a fan of style rococo.

Here, the malleable faucet is composed of two complementary colors: silver and gold.

O golden is also the main investment in this kitchen, which carries accessories in the same tone.

Here, the faucet in hook also carries the special tincture in bronze.

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