Economic decoration in the child's room


I have selected 22 ideas to increase the decoration of the children’s room in a cost-effective, quick and space-saving way! Do it yourself and even with the help of your children!


In the 2 projects of the company Len’s Decor, the painting on the wall makes all the difference and is not difficult to do

The House that my Grandmother wanted-to-adolescent4-Copy-of-LB_Quarto1_005-1

Enjoy the fashion of the boiserie (these inserts in relief on the wall) for the children’s bedroom too. Today you find these pieces in polyurethane, plaster, etc. (photo: A CasaqueaminhaVoqueria)


If you have an area with shelves like the one on the left, paint it a different color from the rest of the wall will value the whole. And creative stickers are still welcome in the decoration (Photos: antonioemario and Mrsboho)


Think of simple designs you can do on the walls! Even so they will be shocking! Another idea is to dare on the mixture of paintings (or wallpapers or stickers mixed with paint) on the walls. Photos: mcmc and keltainentalorannalla)


Stickers or designs and small bulbs give a nice effect. See the elephants in the 2nd photo: You can make bugs, numbers, letters … etc with fabric and adhesive or just colored stickers (photos: cepaynasi and dengodefeen)


Another fashion that you can enjoy in the children’s bedroom is the geometric painting. Complement with comics and shelves (photos: colorless, thebooandtheboy and apartmenttherapy)


A stamped contact pedal can turn a dinosaur (or other element) into the wall. And the geometric painting can also be complemented with colored and even metalized adhesives. (Photos: apartment34 and voceprecisadecor)


Wallpaper on a half wall is easier to put on your own and is styled with rhodium and simple paint on the top of the wall. On the other picture: Original pillows and a styrofoam board with the shape that your son or daughter wants and quickly creates a differential that attracts attention! (Photos: thebooandtheboy)


Two reading nooks that you can adapt to the space you have in the child’s room. In the picture below a simple furniture (or niches that you can buy separated and assemble as you wish) still help to organize and serve as a seat (photos: thedecojournaldesenho)

thebooandtheboy 9 (3)

An industrial footprint on the shelf very easy to do with a ladder and wooden planks (photo: thebooandtheboy)

thebooandtheboy 18

Look at what different “headboard” you can make (or have to do) with fabric – jean or jute are durable) and what many kids will love! (Photo: thebooandtheboy)

thebooandtheboy 44355

The painting on the furniture is also easy to make and gives a very beautiful effect. Also notice the “little house” niches (Photo: thebooandtheboy)

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