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Bathroom Shelves: +50 Charming Decorated Models! Bathroom Shelves: +50 Charming Decorated Models!
Use shelves in bathroom creates more space for personal and decorative purposes. The bathroom shelf adds a touch of modernity and elegance in the... Bathroom Shelves: +50 Charming Decorated Models!

Use shelves in bathroom creates more space for personal and decorative purposes. The bathroom shelf adds a touch of modernity and elegance in the decoration and here you check more than 50 models with designs and diverse materials that fit all tastes!

Following the tone of the rest of the decor is always a good call to hit the shelf design.

White shelves add a clean touch to the décor and help you get the impression of a flawless bathroom.

The retro shelves are a charm only and go very well with a more romantic and delicate decoration.

Shelves with ropes can be both rustic and sophisticated, depending on the material used. If you like this style, you can bet on this model that it goes well with any bathroom!

The glass shelves are modern and help to increase the space.

Placing lamps on the shelves is a modern and creative idea that transforms and enlarges the bathroom space!

More a retro shelf model that combines with more delicate decorations and go super well with floral themes.

The metal has been used more and more inside the house in details that make the decoration bold, as is the case of these shelves.

If you want a cleaner and cleaner décor, the fewer items put on your bathroom shelf, the better!

There is no place to put the shelves, even inside the box, which adds a special charm to the environment.

The shelf + mirror set is still the darling of the decorators and really has a very special place in the decor.

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Large mirrors enhance the ambience and the combination of your frame with the bathroom shelves add sophistication and style.

Wood is one of the most versatile items of decoration and can be used inside the bathroom in a more rustic decor style like the one on the shelves below.

A more industrial decoration is the choice of many people who like the modernity without losing the style. Betting on metal details is the way!

The niches are a charm and lend a cozy air to the bathroom without much effort.

Another clean combination of mirror and shelf, using wood and glass, which brings an elegant contrast.

The use of iron and wood creates a modern and out of the obvious combination.

As we have said, wood is a versatile item that fits very well in all environments and can be used in different colors and textures on the bathroom shelves.

The shelves are a great way to give the room the desired tone and add colors and textures to the walls without having to deal with paint or coating.

Combining the tone of the shelf with the decor can, but create a contrast of colors … also can! And it gets super stylish!

The glass is clean, modern and has the advantage of being super easy to clean. The haven of housewives!

The new wood showing that it can be elegant and sophisticated when well used!

The combination of metal and glass creating a modern and bold industrial decor.

Sando from the obvious and innovating with a lot of charm: the shelves leave the wall and go to the floor!

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The best way to get out of the obvious with elegance is to bet on geometric shapes that totally change the tone of the environment.

The wood can be worked in various ways and the customization can be complemented, even, with the elements placed on the shelf.

Simplicity never loses its value, strengthening the famous phrase “less is more.”

Colorful shelves are cheerful, fun and modern, a great way to bring life to your bathroom.

The ropes give a rustic air to any decor and its use on bathroom shelves is a charm apart.

Strings and wood, we have to reinforce, is there anything more charming and cozy?

This frame + chair + shelf set = pure coziness! A clean, elegant and out of the obvious environment.

The mixture of elements, such as the use of wood, mirrors, panels and niches, creates an unpretentious and uncluttered decoration, resulting in sophistication.

How about replacing the traditional cabinet under the sink by an elegant shelf?

The shelf can be used as a color and texture element to turn the bathroom into a different environment.

Even in small bathrooms it is possible to use the elements of the room in your favor and turn the shelf into a frame for light from the window!

The elegance of the shelves replacing the sameness of the cabinet under the sink.

For a delicate decor, textured white shelves are what you get!

For the most deprived, how about leaving the color just for the bathroom walls?

Or the opposite, bet on colors in the decor and on the shelves?

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In this decoration, the wood detail complements the use of the shelf and gives an outline to the room.

Complementing the decoration with shelves and the flushing lid is an unusual idea, but it works perfectly!

A single shelf is capable of changing the face of your bathroom.

Is it sink or shelf? Both! And it’s charm, for sure!

Black screams modernity and sophistication and can be used, too, on the bathroom shelves.

Varying styles and models of shelves in the same décor is a great idea to create visual contrasts!

For a touch of lightness and simplicity, you can bet on the little plants, see?

And the toilet in the house can also gain style with simple and elegant shelves!

The crate of the fair can also become a shelf, and it looks beautiful!

The shelves are functional items that can store everything in your bathroom without losing the elegance.

And with the right lighting, any simple item becomes the star of the environment!