Farmhouse style kitchens: ideas and decoration
If you are a lover of rustic kitchens and you are also passionate about shabby chic, your decorative style is farmhouse. The style kitchens farmhouse They have become a trend, they are warm, rural and with delicate vintage touches that make you fall in love. These kitchens farmhouse They... Read more
Potted Gardens

Potted Gardens

Garden 11 June 2021 0

Do you want to have a garden but don’t have large spaces? Create potted gardens! It could be that your backyard has been concreted and the flowerbed that used to be in front of the house is now a garage. It may be that you live in an apartment... Read more
51 Floating Shelves To Reinvigorate Your Empty Wall Space
Floating shelves do away with the brackets, hangers, and accessories of their more traditional counterparts – their beautiful minimalism making them among the most flexible shelf options available. The placement possibilities are almost endless, able to be hung high or low or between other items that may already occupy... Read more
How to decorate small rooms: Is reusing items a good idea?
A small room does not mean that you have few possibilities in decoration. With planning and creativity, it is possible to innovate and make the most of the space. In this task you can also reuse items and create other functions for the environment. With the following tips, it’s... Read more
23 more ideas for organizing and storing your shoes
I’ve already given you 19 ideas for organizing and storing your shoes, this never-ending problem! Now here are 19 more ideas for you not to be left without a solution. Enjoy! Solutions to store your shoes in large and small spaces! (photo: easy decor) The trolley with wheels is... Read more
2021 Trends – Bathrooms and Kitchens
Continuing my research (I’ve already talked about colors and wallpapers) now let’s go to 2021 Trends for Bathrooms, Toilets and Kitchens? Of course, much of what appears in these areas also appears in other areas of the house. As the colors and also the wallpapers in the washrooms (here... Read more
Velvet furniture, decorating ideas!
Velvet furniture is once again a trend in interior decoration. And this fall winter the classic velvet returns in its splendor and beauty to line sofas, dining chairs, headboards and ottomans. This wonderful fabric associated with luxury, has thousands of years of history and is now consolidated as the... Read more
Small Kitchens: Ideas, Photos and Designs
The small kitchens they can also be comfortable and functional. The key is to distribute the space well and achieve a good design to cover all the needs and please our taste. And yes, a small kitchen can also be pretty and comfortable. If you don’t have much space,... Read more
How to decorate the terrace in autumn – Ideas
The terraces are the favorite spaces for relaxation, a good read, a glass of wine, a family gathering or with friends. In the fall we enjoy the perfect climate to enjoy the outdoors of the house, sitting in a good hammock or armchair. Take advantage of this wonderful season... Read more
How to keep the bathroom organized while spending little
Nothing better than entering an organized, clean and smelling bathroom. This is one of the rooms in the house that needs a lot of attention: Because of the humidity, it gets dirty more easily and because it is a smaller room it also requires more organization. Here’s how to... Read more
13 Ideas You Can’t Miss!  Hand Embroidered Chairs And Armchairs
You can not miss these 13 ideas for hand-embroidered chairs and armchairs. Get inspired by these designs and decorate armrests, backs or seats with these colorful models. You will love the hand embroidery made with fantasy, Mexican otomi or tenango stitch. What are you waiting for? Let us begin!.... Read more
10 ideas for creating space in the small bedroom
I hope this post finds everyone well and taking care. I ask you, please, to protect yourselves and protect our elderly people. Stay at home as long as you can, take all precautions, disconnect from the news when it is hurting you. Take care of yourself physically and psychologically.... Read more